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Our Story


Founded in 2010 by Christine Curavo, our goal was to create a series of exceptional one-of-a-kind gifts that celebrate the life events we all cherish. Each gift contains a collection of visually stunning products that are bundled together in such a way to create an experience or tell a story.

Our Products

We have carefully chosen partners from around the world, but mostly small companies throughout the USA, who share the same love for quality, creativity and passion for the environment. We care about everything we do—from design to production to the final delivery of each gift.


We are a collection of designers who love to create “mini-events” by way of packaging — including unique illustrations or photography to describe each gift in a personal way.

Something Bigger

We are certified by the Woman’s Business Enterprise National Counsel (WBENC), considered to be the platinum standard of woman-owned businesses by passing an in- depth screening and evaluation process. We strive to make a difference in the world.


  “Is there anything nicer in life than making somebody else feel wonderful?"

  Christine Curavo, Founder and CEO