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Come to your Senses in December

Christine Curavo

Take Time to Listen

I hear graphic with music and sound images

I was once the subject of an experiment where all I needed to do was talk about myself. The person giving the test was graduating from business school and needed to perfect the “art of listening” for his thesis.

At first it seemed so simple. He asked thoughtful, meaningful questions and I answered. But within moments, I became aware of how it felt to have another human being really listening—no, hearing me. He was careful not to “interview me” or banter back and forth with conversations that highlighted himself in some way. He gave me the feeling that he had all the time in the world to hear my story. He seemed interested. And because of all that, I trusted him—and told him more than I ever thought I would.

By the time we were finished, I felt as though this man came to know me better than many of my closest friends and family members. I felt important-as if my life meant something. It didn’t matter that I never saw him again—he gave me one of the kindest gifts of all—he listened to me. And ever since that day I have made it a point to do the same for the people around me. It has made all the difference in my life.

Here are some of my favorite sounds in December:

1.  Cable Cars in San Francisco

2. The sound of people laughing as they share dinner with friends.

The Elite Cafe in San Francisco has just reopened after a remodel and menu refresh and will always be one of my favorite places to meet friends and dine on Louisiana classics from Executive chef (and New Orleans native), Chris Borges. 

The Elite Cafe   
2049 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA 94115   415-673-5483
Open Monday to Friday 5pm to 2am & Saturday 9am to 2am

3.  The sound of a fireplace on a cold winter night.


Happy Holiday Season to you all.


Christine Curavo

P.S. Meet "Blue Dýri"—the Pyropet Reindeer Candle.

Watch how this amazing PyroPet Reindeer melts away to reveal an astonishing golden skeleton.

It stands almost 9 Inches tall and burns for 16 hours—mesmerizing everybody in the room with it’s silent wonder.

Blue Dyri Pyropet reindeer

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