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Hello, Yellow!

Christine Curavo

Laughter may not cure everything, but it is contagious, it does count as exercise—and the color that represents joy is most certainly yellow!

I had a chance to spend time in NYC during the month of January and made it my mission to find a new yellow purse—if one existed anywhere in the middle of Winter, it had to be there.  It took me all day and many promises of Spring inventory on the way before I found exactly what I was looking for at the The Vera Bradley store. I added a Daisy Bag Charm by LuxeLeatherCrafts, a small guardian angel and every time it rained here in San Francisco, I just smiled because I knew Spring was on the way.  That is the power of yellow.

Yellow purse with white daisy

It represents sunshine, hope and happiness.
Add yellow to a kitchen to make it feel warm and welcoming. Use sparingly in a baby’s room to add cheer and focus. And by all means, serve 
lemonade during summer months to energize and delight your friends and family.


Yellow boxes with navy ribbon


Happy Yellow.  Happy Summer!


Christine Curavo

P.S. CAREBOX is enjoying 93 days of summer with a Lemons to Lemonade gift that includes a refreshing lemonade mix, lemon tea and lemon cookies.




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