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Speak to all Generations

Christine Curavo

We are all on the same journey.

A friend called me last week to confess that she was “in denial” about getting old.  She said she didn’t know when it happened and was surprised that did. After all, she told me, she didn’t feel any different than yesterday. I was taken completely by surprise because I never thought of her being any age at all—even though she must be at least 15 years older than me, but then I really don’t know because she never seems to age.


Agelessness.  What is that?  My mom had it too. I think it’s a life attitude without fear of the future—and an ability to communicate with anybody in the room—young, old and everybody in-between.

As the holidays make their way back into our schedule, I can hear people around me making plans. It’s another chance to spend time with family and friends—all generations sitting at the same table at the same time—if we are lucky.

No matter which generation you claim as your own, use words that are familiar to others and you may find yourself to be the life of the party—and everybody goes home happy.

A video to inspire you:

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Christine Curavo

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