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Surround yourself with things that Smell Good

Christine Curavo

Everyday when Lucy brings the mail she says, "I knew you were here today because I could smell your studio from downstairs."  And then she stands in my doorway for a few minutes to inhale and says, "I always feel so relaxed when I am here." Then she zips off to the next building to deliver the mail.

I can hardly smell anything, but I know I feel good when I am here.  I am surrounded by dozens of lavender gifts stacked high on shelves, but I also have lemon, cinnamon, pine & eucalyptus things too. They have created a blended aroma that defines my space.

The sense of smell as long been documented as way for humans and animals alike to determine health, safety and well being. We know in an instant if something is wrong—or right.  Good health smells good.  Happiness smells good. A simple way to make yourself feel better about most anything is to invite pleasant aromas and scents into your home. When you awaken your sense of smell, you trigger something in your brain that tells you that everything is going to be ok.

Here are 3 things that smell really good to most everybody:

1.  Vanilla.

For baking:  Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract, from Madagascar.  There are others, of course, and this one is expensive—but it lasts forever and is the first choice of bakers and ice-cream makers alike. Whenever I open the bottle to take a sniff, I feel overcome with joy and comfort.


Vanilla perfumePerfume: Vanille Givree Des Antilles by La Maison de la Vanille perfume, I feel like a Pied Piper when I wear this scent because people notice what I am wearing and try to figure it out before finally asking what it is—which they do every single day.

Orange Vanilla candleRoom Scent: The No. 4 Orange Vanilla candle by Tripp Candles is the perfect combination of crisp orange notes made even more amazing by the addition of Tahitian vanilla. The packaging is different, so it makes such a fun gift.  In fact, somebody once bought one for me, and I have been buying them for myself ever since.



2. Lavender







lavender essential oilIt turns out all those rumors of how breathing in the smell of lavender helps promote sleep is true. Researchers have found the scent of this purple flower puts you into a relaxed state while it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Place some lavender in your room at night if the magic works for you too. By simply having lavender products in the room makes a mood difference—candles,  soaps and sachets are fantastic, but just keeping lavender seeds or a plant has documented healing powers that mystify the medical industry. 



Lavender plant

Here's an easy way to make any room smell good from interior designer Rhobin DelaCruz. "Simmer water in a small saucepan and add citrus slices and herbs, like lavender, lemon or mint." The heat permeates the sweet scent throughout your house. While you are at it, add some orange or lemon peels to the garbage disposal and smell what a difference a fragrance makes. When we surround ourselves with these delightful aromas, we all feel comforted, safe and relaxed.


3.  Rosemary


rosemary plantWhen you bring nature into your home, you are bound to feel good.  Eucalyptus and rosemary plants that are especially endearing.  The use of Rosemary goes back to the beginnings of recorded history and used for cooking and healing, but it is symbolic for faithfulness, love and devotion. Put a little outside your door and you will always have it when you need it.


What are your favorite smells?  And how do they make you feel? Over here at CAREBOX, we can't help ourselves when it come to scents.  We are always on the hunt for delightful products that fill the room with an unforgettable signature fragrances. 








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