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Celebrate Success

Christine Curavo

Celebrating great moments magnifies the happiness.

How often does somebody say, “I’ll take this case to the Supreme Court if I have to!” Usually it’s just a passionate term we use to express how much we believe in something. But, I know a lawyer who actually did take a case to the Supreme Court, and won!

One night over dinner he told me about the experience. He described the majesty of the environment and how at first his knees trembled, but how he was able to find the exact words he needed and his client prevailed. Then he told me about the gift he received.

As it turns out, every lawyer who argues a case before the Supreme Court receives a quill pen set modeled after the set used by Chief Justice John Marshall. It is a time honored tradition that has been passed down through the years since the early 1800s and was ‘’dedicated to the proposition that the pen is mightier than the sword” and is handed to lawyers, newly elected presidents, visiting heads of state and various and other dignitaries.

The set was presented in a beautiful wooden box, and though my friend has never actually dipped his quill into ink, it is probably his most prized possession and absolutely the best gift he ever received during his legal career.

Read more about this tradition here:

The Supreme Court may give quill pens, which are more symbolic than anything, and we may live in a paperless world, but a fine writing instrument is still considered a luxury gift for graduates, attorneys, real estate brokers and executives.

Whenever I sign an important document, I celebrate by reaching for my blue pen made by Mont Blanc—a gift given to me many years ago.



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