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Seven Cool Sleeping Tricks

Christine Curavo

Do even remember trying to sleep as a kid? Probably not because it was completely natural, as grows older, sleeping gets tricky. I have a few tricks that can help: 

1. Understand that sleep comes in 90 minutes cycles, so when you stay up late and know you will get little sleep, try and time your sleep for 1 1/2 hrs, 3 hrs, 4 1/2, etc. You will feel more rested if you sleep within this cycle. Even 3 hours is enough, but 3 1/2, doesn’t work, 4 doesn’t work either. 

2. Eat a baked potato before you go to bed. The potassium somehow calms the body enough to get a little sleep. Oh, no butter,or anything else—just a plain baked potato.

3. Don’t drink anything after 6pm, or your body will keep reminding you to get up and go.

4. Read in bed….let the whole house fall quiet, and just read—something very easy.

5. If you just can’t sleep, get up out of bed and do something. Your body knows what it is doing. By the time you go back in about an hour and a half, you will fall asleep easily.

6. Lavender, it’s a cliche, but it does help…if you soak in the tub with Lavender, even better.

7. Always remember, your body is a machine. It will sleep when it’s really tired, ask for food when it’s really hungry. If you trust your body to take over, and not think about it—you will find the rest you seek.


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