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Support America with a Stamp.

Christine Curavo

Distinguish yourself with a note that bares a commemorative stamp.

Last New Year’s Eve; my San Francisco office had a break-in. My door was shattered and things were tossed about. But as it turns out—the cash, cameras and computers were all left behind and only one thing went missing—my commemorative stamps! 

Now, mind you, I am not much of a collector and history was never my strongest subject, but I just love the arts and the idea that I am supporting an American tradition by using commemorative stamps when I send a card thrills me somehow.

It all started in the 1890’s when the Post Office realized it could increase revenues by selling stamps as “collectables,” and began designing special stamps displaying significant American historical events, people and important expositions. 

Read more about the history of U.S. postal stamps here.

In this age of social media, texting and electronic communications, it seems people still enjoy receiving cards and letters in the mail.  To make your holiday cards stand out this year, consider choosing commemorative stamps and follow 5 simple etiquette rules:

  1. Send holiday cards out early. They should arrive around mid-Dec., which means family photos need to be taken by mid-November and cards sent out by Dec. 5th.
  2. Make sure to hand write a small note—it makes a personal connection with people you care about—even if you include a holiday letter.
  3. Always include a return label in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.
  4. If you unsure if the recipient celebrates Christmas, then keep your greetings generic with ‘Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays.”
  5. Make the effort to send a quality card—it will be noticed and appreciated.

May all of your holidays be magical this year.



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