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Lost in an Enchanted Forest

Christine Curavo

All of a sudden, adult coloring books are all the rage. Every time I pick one of them up, I want to grab my coloring pencils and fill in the lines. It's a childhood thing.  I had actually forgotten all about how much I loved them until recently when I went to the SF Gift Show.  I tried to find coloring books for CAREBOX, but come to find out, everything I looked at was backordered for months. Somewhere along the line I discovered Johanna Basford and her gorgeous pen and ink drawings.  I simply had to have them. They had the kind of quality that I longed for and the illustrations were beautiful. One night, I wrote to her in Scotland and asked where I could buy them in the USA—she led me to her publisher.

I fell for Enchanted Forest, but she also has a book about the Ocean and one about a Secret Garden.  Her pen and ink drawings are like lace doodles really, and when they are all colored in—they take on a new life. The pages are really thick, kind of like the paper you remember from childhood.  And it's funny, as I take some time during the the day to color, I feel suddenly calmer.

I invite you to join me in my new favorite pastime.  If you are anything like me, you will find that you can get lost for hours, which is such a nice break from the computer world we now live in.

 PS.  If you can't find these coloring books at your local bookstore.  You can always find them here at We are official fans.

In the meantime, if you want to practice coloring a page from this amazing book, go to our Enchanted product page and download three sample pages.  Our gift to you.

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